Sculptural experiment Hydra

This is mixed with a oil pastel drawing on photo print and photos cut into the shape of the Hydra in Photoshop. The Hydra from the Greek mythology had three heads, with one being immortal. If you cut off one head, three new ones would emerge. It’s notorious for being evil and difficult to defeat.

They’re based on multi-purpose concepts in mythology with a contemporary visuality that I call MYTHOS.

The works for this project are digital artificial monoliths with dimensions 1×2 meters and are composed of paintings, sketches, and digital photo prints on laser cut-out wooden and plexiglass panels. Creating hybrid installations to illuminate the present in a playful but serious, conscious way.

They act like modern versions of the Oracles of Delphi, showing visions and foretelling predictions where the idealized concept of nature is close to becoming an extinct myth. A reality where all of our imprints haunt us today in a seemingly endless spiral-like abyss. Like a colorful Dante’s Inferno.

Fact Sheet

Name: Sculptural experiment Hydra

Year: 2020

Price: Price on request

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